Testimonials and Reviews


4 thoughts on “Testimonials and Reviews

  1. Facebook feedback from Susie Lee: My husband and I could not wait until Cornerstone opened, since they opened we have taken all 3 of our cars in for honest reliable work… Chuck is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He contacts you every step of the way if he finds problems that need attention. Highly recommended, Today I am going to pick up my last car that I have had service on, I am so excited to have car repair worries off my mind. Thank you so much, Chuck and Nathan.

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  2. I was wondering if you did any light car work?
    I have a Honda Pilot that needs the catet converter replaced, I am looking for a bid for just the labor to do this.
    2005 Honda Pilot, service light is on and have had it checked error code stated that I need the cate converter replaced. Tried the 02 sensor but didn’t work.

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