Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful that the Lord has blessed Chuck with a year of providing automotive repair services to our community!  The tire sales have been going well too – though it is mostly a convenience service (especially for our rock-road-driving-neighbors! :)), it is a privilege to provide quality tires and repair services along with all the diagnostic, computer, driveability, and other repairs Chuck can offer to our neighbors!  Thank you for trusting your vehicle needs to Cornerstone Automotive Repair!  May you be blessed this season as we eagerly anticipate Christmas around the corner! 🙂


Lots of changes have been happening at Cornerstone Automotive Repair.  Chuck Harder has been adding new tools and other equipment necessary to maintain your vehicle in its optimal condition!

Towanda, Kansas has received some much needed rain and all the grass is greening up now – lots of great changes.  Come by for a visit! 🙂

The beginning

So, this is technically supposed to be a website for Cornerstone Automotive Repair, so for the not-so-techy-nurse-but-trying-to-help-my-husband wife, it’s a shot.  Here’s to helping get his name and business name out there – if you have feedback, or know more about this than me, feel free to give me some pointers! 🙂

And keep in mind . . this is a work in progress!!! 🙂